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Life Jolt

An anxious woman is surprised to discover the chance to greatly extend her life comes with a set of shocking disadvantages.

Big, big thank you to Escape Velocity Films and everyone who worked so hard on this project.

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Remnants (Short Horror Film)


Two detectives investigate a crime so terrifying that remnants of an unspeakable evil still lurk in the home.


Starring: Hugh McCrae Jr., Terrance Roundtree, Tonya Adamski, Reavis Dorsey and Karlie O’Hearn

Written By: Corey Schubert and Eric Joel La Fuente

Directed By: David Ugarte

Produced By: David Ugarte, Corey Schubert


Makeup Effects By: Candy Domme

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One Shot

Nothing hurts more than being disappointed by the one person you thought would never hurt you. As Katie and Chris’s troubled marriage continues to disintegrate they reach a treacherous crossroad.

Part of the, 2018 BEAT THE CLOCK CHALLENGE sponsored by IFP Phoenix. Teams kicked off on a Friday and wrote, shot and edited their films in 48 hours.

Directed by Ryan Glauser

Written by Ryan Glauser & Cassandra Nicholson

Director of Photography Emanuel Leon

Sound Engineering Nathan Alexander & Samuel J. West

Featuring Any Cooper and Tonya Adamski


My blog! Camping Life Yoga Wife.

Who’s having a good time? I know I am!

My blog inspires and helps families to design the outdoor trip that’s right for them. From packing the right materials to planing a menu that makes the trip easy and fun for everyone from the adults all the way to toddlers. This helps campers camp more often, spend time with their family and reduce stress. As a certified yoga instructor I use my blog to support current yoga practitioners and people new to yoga by having honest, practical conversations about yoga, answering questions and discussing postures. This helps remove the intimidation obstacle so many people face when it comes to yoga.

Ultimately, both yoga and camping help people find a quiet place and unplug for a moment. We are all busy and looking to find balance in a very complicated world. Yoga, hiking, sleeping under the stars and spending time together helps us all to find that balance again.

Camping Life Yoga Wife

Coming soon!

Day of the White lotus 

by Sigma Sagittarii Films